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Alan Cathcart’s Vee Two 1974 Greenframe SS Racer

This is the bike that brought Vee Two's Brook Henry and international motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart together for their successful partnership in going racing.

Alan had been campaigning his personal '74 Greenframe SS in the British championship for several years, after buying the bike brand new.

With nothing more than a set of high level Contis and a number board over the headlamp, he won several British Championships with the bike until a major engine blowup left the bike sidelined for a few years.


After Alan raced for Vee Two on the Bathurst-winning Paul Smart replica, he very quickly realised that Vee Two was the place to recommission his beloved Greenframe into a competitive machine once again. Brook took delivery of the bike, and developed it alongside the bike that he was taking to win Daytona.

The bike won races in England, Japan, America and across Europe, and even was ridden by Paul Smart himself in Imola at the 40th Anniversary Race of his legendary win. The Vee Two Greenframe SS still remains one of Alan's favourite racebikes that (alongside his Matchless G50) he vows to never part with.


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