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Vee Two Alchemy RV-1

The RV-1 was the racing version of the Alchemy package that went on to be a hit with road going bevel enthusiasts.

However, this version came with no VIN number, no extra brackets for lighting and every bit of tuning knowledge that Brook brought to the table after his development of the Webrook engine and chassis package.

The design called for a narrower steering head angle and rising rate rear suspension, but retained the development of the reduced included valve angle heads, lightweight internals, and conversion to belt drive rather than the original bevel drive operation.

In the hands of Owen Coles, the bike was very competitive, and went on to win several races, also appearing at the Daytona Speedway race where it was leading until a mechanical failure forced it into retirement.

Vee Two still owns the RV-1, and is ready to recommission it as a period 6 ready machine.

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