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Vee Two Alchemy

The first of the Vee Two street machines, the Alchemy used the ‘Squarecase’ bevel-drive engine fitted into a Vee Two designed chassis with a rising rate rear suspension, narrowed steering head rake and access to the vertical cylinder without the engine having to be removed from the frame. The bike was offered in ‘kit’ form, where customers could take a bevel-drive donor bike and construct the bike themselves; however several customers commissioned Vee Two to build and deliver the machines fully assembled and road-ready.

Of course in these cases, the engine received a full complement of the Vee Two performance products too, with many being fitted with fast-road/light competition components at the same time as they were being constructed. Over 100 bikes were produced, and although most remained in Australia, several are spread across the world.

Alchemy SV-1 (Red Bike above) is still owned by Vee Two friend and customer Nick Gye, and regularly returns to us for service and upgrade work as new parts become available.

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