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    Vee Two Alchemy

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    Vee Two Squalo

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    Vee Two Super Squalo

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    Vee Two Alchemy RV-1

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    Vee Two Paul Smart Replica 750SS

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    Alan Cathcart Vee Two Green Frame

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    Vee Two Bimota Racer

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    Vee Two Blue Lunatic European Formula 750 winner

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    Vee Two Ducati SuperMono

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    Vee Two Daytona-winning 750SS

Company Founded

Vee Two was founded in 1979 by Brook Henry and Stuart Barrowclough, originally as a performance and race engine parts manufacturer for bevel-drive-engined models of the Italian marque – Ducati.

The company developed over the years to be the highest-renowned source of parts and information for both racing and street machines as these “bevel-drive” models have become a sought after classic worthy of collection and restoration.


Vee Two has manufactured two fully ADR-compliant streetbikes, the Vee Two Alchemy and the Vee Two Squalo, available in both fully built and ‘kit’ component part forms. Also produced was a prototype the Vee Two Super Squalo. Each of these three models were fitted with the Ducati engines that Vee Two specialise in, and included several upgrade parts improving the performance of the original engine package.

Race Bikes

Vee Two is very much a racing brand. What better way to show the performance and reliability of your parts than to test them against the rigors of the racetrack? As well as this fact, the rolling billboard that a racebike is, gave Vee Two significant international publicity.
Some of the racebikes Vee Two has developed include the Webrook Engineering Racer, Vee Two Alchemy RV-1 and the Vee Two 1972 750SS "Paul Smart Replica".  Other special racebikes worked by Vee Two include a  Daytona-winning 750SS, Bimota DB1 and a Ducati Supermono.
Vee Two have also supplied engines to customers going racing as international sponsorship as well. The most noteworthy of these is the "Blue Lunatic" European Formula 750 winning machine.
Back in 2002, Owner Bjorn Inge's report of the 750 short stroke motor that Vee Two supplied him is that he "can't praise Vee Two enough, there is no one better. We have yet to be beaten by another bevel-drive (Ducati) in competition, regardless of engine size."

International Race Achievements

1998 - 1st - NZ Sound of Thunder
1996 - 1st - BEARS World Champions
1996 - 1st - U.S. National BEARS
1996 - 1st - BEARS feature race, Daytona International Speedway, Florida
1996 - 1st - U.S. BoTT (Battle of the Twins) Formula 1
1996 - 1st - Sound of Singles, Daytona International Speedway, Florida
1995 - 1st - Formula 750, Daytona International Speedway, Florida
1995 - 3rd - BoTT (Battle of the Twins)
1994 - 1st - Grand Slam Four at Tsukuba Circuit, Japan
1994 - 1st - BEARS Post Classic, Mount Panorama, Bathurst (lap record still held)
1992 - 1st - Australian BEARS Formula 1 Champions

Rebirth of Vee Two

In 2010, Brook was approached by AAC with an offer for him to buy back Vee Two, as their business direction had changed. Brook decided to come out of retirement to restart the brand that he had created, but with the intention to concentrate solely on the bevel-drive models that were his first love, and that he had made a name for himself by specialising in.
To do this, he needed a General Manager who was equally interested in the bevel-drive range of motorcycles, and who was keen to learn the knowledge that he had achieved through years of deep analysis and experimentation with the Roundcase and Squarecase engines.
Brook approached Andrew Cathcart, son of International motorcycle journalist and Vee Two factory rider Alan Cathcart, to take on the role. Andrew applied for a five year Australian working VISA which he was successful in obtaining, and moved to join Brook at his retirement property in Nannup in the South West region of Australia in mid-2014.
Brook and Andrew spent the first year and a half setting up shop in Nannup, building an 800 sq.m machine shop and stores alongside Brook's personal workshop, setting up the specialist machinery and spreading the word that Vee Two was back in the hands of Brook Henry, and that parts manufacture, restorations and rebuilds were once again an option for bevel-drive owners across the world.

Future Plans

Vee Two was restarted to fulfil three main objectives.

First is to recommence the manufacture of Vee Two performance and restoration components for bevel-drive Ducati models, something that nobody has taken up to anywhere near the same level that Vee Two did before AAC made the decision to close down operations at the old site in Malaga, WA. With the dedicated bespoke machinery, age-old tooling, jigs and fixtures and most of all, expertise required to set up operations, it's quite understandable that nobody undertook the task of setting up shop as a bevel-drive component manufacturer. Although, with the resurgence of popularity (and therefore value) of these models, it's no surprise that owners are chomping at the bit to be able to buy brand new parts for their machines, and in some cases get a bike that was in need of a component that was unobtainable back into working order once more.

The second objective is to create the Vee Two Ritorno Twin (Ritorno - Italian for 'comeback') engine, a complete brand new bevel-drive motor for use in road and racing applications. This engine is the ultimate bevel-drive motor, and uses sand-cast high strength aluminium crankcases built to an officially signed out set of Ducati drawings of the production version of the race engine used to take Mike Hailwood to the Isle of Man TT victory in 1978, a landmark win. This is a significant engine that has genuine history in the motorcycling world, and is externally faithful to the original design. Internally, it's a different story however. Although Vee Two can provide a completely era-correct specification, for the majority of road and race customers the internals will consist of a complete suite of Vee Two performance products using modern materials such as titanium alloy for the valves and conrods, and modern designs such as tapered valve collets, bathtub combustion chambers and one-piece hard chrome plated barrels.

The third endeavour is racing, where Vee Two wishes not only to re-establish its competitiveness in the classic, post-classic and vintage racing scenes, but also to once again prove the reliability and longevity of its products under the extreme conditions of top level racing. This will most certainly involve the Vee Two Ritorno Twin engine, and considering that it is well documented when the original design of the engine was used in arguably one of the most famous race victories ever recorded, making a replica '78 TT machine with a Ritorno engine will be one of the ways that we will go about doing this.

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