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Vee Two Squalo

The Vee Two Squalo model was a successful model based on using a belt drive Ducati 900SS donor bike. The 900SS was a very good motorcycle, but with the rise in popularity of Japanese twin-cylinder model such as the Honda VTR1000 and Yamaha TRX850, the Ducati model proved a tough sell for dealers.

This mixed with the fact that Ducati didn’t restyle the model in 6 years, meant that the importers ended up with a large stock of unsold motorcycles sitting across the country.

Brook, who kept his eye on this situation as it unfolded, worked with renowned British designer John Keogh and legendary Japanese tuner Kensei Sato of OVER Racing to design a kit around the 900SS components. .

These were built as complete units, and consisted of an OVER aluminium frame and swingarm, bodywork, headlight assembly (from a Honda CBR250RR – so homologated for world use), big bore 50mm exhaust system, OVER rearsets, triple clamps, mirrors, tail light and indicators.

Excluded from the kit were the 904cc engine, wheels, brakes, suspension and electrics, all of which were sourced from a new zero-mileage 900SS.

The model was met with international acclaim, and in the end, 21 kits were sold and delivered across the world.

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